Cashewnut Processing Business Course

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Course Overview ( 3 Days Online Training)

Day 1

Cashew is the one of the best dry fruit used in every another dish in India as well as the cashew is directly consumable therefore the demand for the cashew is high in the market and will directly affect on the cashew nut processing profit.


While staring the business of cashew nut processing unit you will have to complete some registration and licenses formalities

We should look for area required to start manufacturing plant

Manufacturing unit setup


Day 2

Discover the best providers of the required raw materials and hardware in your market.

Raw materials will be required in general provisional, in this way it is imperative that you get a quality item in the best sensible cost.

Complete an appropriate research before concluding any provider.

While starting Cashew business another important is to select cashew processing machine, there is a different type of cashew processing machine available in the market.

You need to choose the right cashew processing machine for your cashew processing unit.

Day 3

We will look 7 step manufacturing process in detailed

Step 1) Primary Cleaning

Step 2) Steaming in Boiler

Step 3) Shell Cutting

Step 4) Steam Roasting

Step 5) Peeling

Step 6) Grading

Step 7) Packaging


How to sell cashew nuts is the major question asked by the peoples.

You can sell the cashew nuts in Local Market, Wholesale Market & Online on Internet.

How to sell Cashew Nuts – Local market

How to sell Cashew Nuts – Wholesale market

How to sell Cashew Nuts  – OnlineBrand and Uniqueness

Export Market